Jaguars beaten by Bears

Jags were in league action tonight as they took on the Alford Bears, the only team Jags beat last season. Jags started the game slowly on offence as they struggled to get things going. Jags managed to get off with their poor offence as they played good zone defence and rebounded well as a team. Jags struggled to deal with the rapid ball movement of Alford and that allowed them to open up a lead. Jags started moving the ball around well themselves which allowed open shots for Shaun and Jack. Alford won the quarter 15-12.

At the start of the second quarter, the game got heated with both teams getting at each other. This saw Jags lose a player as Cyrus was sent off. Needing something different on offence, Craig came on in what proved to be an impact sub for Jags as he dominated in the post and got Jags on the catch up. Jags went into half time down 37-29.

Jags knew a big second half was needed. Two quick threes saw the game back to a 2 point Alford lead. Matty Kiraly came on for Jags and immediately made an impact with his work at the top of the zone, some nice blocks, and some nice post moves. Jags started to struggle again on offence but their zone defence also stopped scoring from Alford. Towards the end of the quarter, two jump shots from Kieran Milne gave Jags every chance going into the fourth with the score 56-45.

Jags started the fourth much the same as the third. For the first time, Jags started to run the fast break which saw Matty claim 6 quick points. Jack Ricci made some tough contested shots which cut the lead to a 8. Jags opted to send Alford to the line and it seemed to work. Jack drew a foul on a three pointer and converted his first two free throws. Jags purposely missed the third to try get the rebound and hit a three but sadly it was not to be. The game turned nasty with both teams getting very heated. Under pressure, Alford converted free throws to see the game out. A special mention to Kieran Milne who really took control of the Jags team under heated circumstances, and got Jags to keep calm when needed.


Top Scorers:

Jack Ricci – 19

Shaun Heer – 17

Matty Kiraly – 12

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