Club Development Officer: Jeb Spink

Jeb, welcome to Panthers! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 22 years old and from Arbroath. I recently finished studying Sport Science at RGU, and I am now taking a year out to have a little break before returning to study physiotherapy.

What has your own basketball experience been like? 

I’ve played basketball since I was 4 years old and competitively since I was 11. I’ve played in various Scotland National Teams which have taken me to countries such as: Denmark, Ireland and Bosnia, to name a few. The reason I have such a passion for basketball is because the game pretty much taught me about discipline and hard work, and brought me up from a very young age.


What does your job as Panthers Club Development Officer entail? 

It is my job to enhance the ability and qualifications of the club through courses and implementing strategies to increase the clubs overall number of members and the clubs team performances as best I can. I will also be coaching the U14 girls, U16 girls and Senior Women.

What do you hope and aim to do this season as Club Development Officer?

I aim to increase participation in basketball across all age groups and genders, but specifically in young females. I also wish to increase the amount of players playing for regional and national teams through putting a performance academy in place for all age groups.

If you have any questions for Jeb you can contact him by email:

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