Grizzlies 74 – 47 Panthers

Panthers’ ladies started well with Maru scoring 2 quick baskets to give Panther an early lead.  This was followed with an outstanding 3 point score from Linzi to put Panthers in the lead 5 – 7, however Grizzlies started to put the ball inside and the score was soon level 9 – 9.  The first quarter ended 21 – 13, which was disappointing given our better start.

The second quarter began well with Julie starting her top point’s scorer run, by scoring 2 consecutive baskets.  Panthers kept this quarter closer with a point’s difference of 4, but Grizzlies’ Monica Janus put on a great display inside, with a huge individual 10 points for the quarter.  Half time score 33 – 21.

The half time break came; with coach Jackie and the team reasonably happy but agreeing that we needed to keep the middle tight on defence, so changed up our zone, this certainly worked keeping Grizzlies from scoring inside, but unfortunately gave opportunities for outside shots that Sarah Brady  made the most of and scored a brilliant run of 6 three-pointers putting the game out of reach and a big lesson learned for Panthers to close down the outside shot.  Positives in the 3rd quarter for Silvana as she worked well inside linking up with Maru and putting 6 points on the board.

Starting the 4th quarter with the score at 61 – 34, Panthers closed down the Grizzlies outside shot and a good all-round performance from Panthers kept the quarter score to 13 – 13, with Julie having an outstanding quarter on the fast-break, scoring 4 lay-ups and linking in well with Maru.  The game finished 74 – 47 and whilst a loss – lots of positives and things to work on for the next game.

All the Panthers ladies had good court-time; June had a solid game on defence and offence – scoring 6 points.  Also working hard on defence was Becca and Collette – who was unlucky to be called for a foul in the 4th quarter.  Rhona showed some great boxing out kept Panthers with possession at key moments in the game.  Elena found herself in some good shooting positions and now just needs to work on building confidence to take them.



Julie 13

Silvana 10

Maru 9

Linsi 7

June 6

Becca 2

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