No Joy For Jags Against Pumas

Tonight saw the clubs two division 2 teams, Jags and Pumas, battle it out at Stonehaven. The game started very close and tight as there was nothing to split the two teams. Passive and, at times, sloppy play from both sides stayed until Demver Rivera lit up the game on his Jags debut with a sublime spin move giving himself the easiest of finishes. Jags gave away too many fouls which Martin Sandison and Craig White took full advantage of, missing only 1 of the 8 free throws Jags gifted them. Needing an answer, Demver Rivera was Jags man once again with a deep three, followed shortly by a step back three. A close quarter ended 21-16 to Pumas after a Craig White three in the dying seconds.

Defensively Jags knew they had to stop Pumas scoring. Despite Pumas major height advantage all over the court and having dominated the first through the big trio of Willie Miller, Darek Rosegar and Craig Angus, Craig Campbell was a one man rebounding machine, giving Pumas nothing easy. Martin Sandison and Michael Cattanach looked to get Pumas going, but when called upon, Harrison Bown played what can only be described as absolutely inch perfect defence. Jags tough defence was broke through with mid range shots from Rafa Mendana, and a few faultless moves from Steven Cattanach in the Jags key. Now it was the offence lacking for Jags, but a tough drive and finish, plus the and 1 from Harrison Bown gave Jags the lift they needed. Some more magic from Demver River to end the half left Jags down 27-42.

Demver Rivera continued his performance with a three knocked down to start the second half. The 5 on court for Jags worked exceptionally well, led defensively by Ross Gordon, and all 5 chipped in on offence to get Jags right back in the game. Jags went into the fourth down 20 after a few mistakes on defence, which Pumas capitalised on through some great moves which ended in easy finishes for Steven Cattanach.

Jags came out in the fourth knowing they had to fight back, and that they did. Matthew Blackwood Harrison Bown, and Kieran Milne, hustled and their fight and determination to go for every ball was exactly what Jags needed. Fergus Cran ran the Pumas defence riot with outstanding moves and drives. Despite this, Pumas closed the game out strong courtesy of Rafa Mendana hitting 3 mid ranges after some, at times, effortless movement and teamwork from the Pumas. Pumas eased the game out and got their very well deserved win. A great game which was a terrific show of what talent this club has to offer.


Jags Top Scorers:

Demver Rivera – 23

Fergus Cran – 10

Pumas Top Scorers:

Craig White – 18

Martin Sandison – 18

Steven Cattanach – 12

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