Jags Crash Out Of Grampian Cup

Jaguars Senior Men were knocked out of the local Grampian Cup last night with a heavy defeat to division 1 team, the Banchory Stags. Jags started the game with Kieran Milne, Jack Ricci, Craig Campbell, Fergus Cran, and debutant Shaun Heer. Jags started the first quarter very solidly with Shaun, Jack, and Fergus all hitting three pointers. Along with this, Jags dominated the rebounds on both ends and forced Banchory to work hard to break down the Jags zone. In the last minute, two quick Banchory threes saw them win the quarter 16-13.

The second quarter saw the difference between the teams really show. Matthew Blackwood and Jack Ricci worked extremely hard to create something offensively but Banchory were dominant on both ends which saw them win the quarter a whopping 27-5.

Banchory’s control of the game continued after half time as they continued to make Jags struggle on offence although again both Matthew and Jack’s efforts gave Jags chances. Jags, switching to man marking, saw Banchory begin to find it difficult to score although very poor boxing out for the majority of the quarter saw Banchory ease the quarter by more than 35 points.

A disheartened Jags team knew that the performance so far wasn’t good enough and in the fourth Jags upped their game majorly on both ends led by great shooting and defence from Shaun. Jags won the fourth 16-15 and showed that, despite a disappointing night, they have a lot of positives to take from the game and that it could be a good season for them.


Jags Top Scorers:

Shaun Heer – 28

Fergus Cran – 10

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