Jags Fall To Aces

Last night saw Jaguars head to Tory to take on affiliate team, the Aberdeen Aces. Both teams were hoping to get their seasons going, with Jags looking to get their first win, and with Aces trying to bounce back from a few heavy defeats. Jags started the game strong as they went on a 10-0 run. Solid zone defence, led by Kieran, allowed little chance for Aces to create anything. Along with this, Jags dominated the boards with Fergus and Shaun gathering rebounds on both ends. Aces started to put Jags on the back foot and it looked like Aces would take the first quarter but a put back from Ross, and a mid range jump shot from Kieran in the last few seconds gave Jags the lead 16-12.

At the start of the second, Jags rotated with James and Craig coming on to useful effect. Craig continued his fine form with an impressive display in the post and he gave Aces nothing in the paint, whilst James worked hard at the top of the zone to keep Aces main offensive threats to no chances. Aces began to stretch out a lead, but Jags got themselves back in the game by getting the Aces in foul trouble, and by converting free throws. A late surge of points and play-making from Matty gave Jags the lead at half time 32-30.

After the half time break, the game stayed even with both teams able to break each other down. Aces started to full court press which Jags broke through to score on the fast break, which saw Jack claim 10 quick points in the quarter. Aces opted to try feed their big men in the post but Kieran made sure no balls went into the key with steal after steal at the top of the zone. A close quarter saw the game tied 48-48 at the end of the third.

Going into the fourth, Jags knew a big quarter was needed. Jags opened up a lead early on with Matthew breaking through Aces full court press to score on the fast break. Jags were slow to close out on Aces shots which saw Aces open up their own lead, scoring shot after shot. Three quick three pointers from Aces saw Jags down by 12 with 4 minutes to go. The 5 on court knew they were on the catch up and worked extremely hard to get back in the game. Matty gave Jags some hope with some excellent moves in the post which had Aces worried but sadly it was not to be as time ran out.


Jags Top Scorers:

Jack Ricci – 15

Jordan Ross – 13

Shaun Heer – 9

Matty Kiraly – 8

Craig Campbell – 8

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