Jags Lose Out in Nail-Biter

Jags were in league action tonight for the last time of the calendar year, as they headed on the beach to take on the Beacon Tigerz. Jags were hoping to finally get their first win. Jags started the game on fire on offence with a quick 7 points from Jack Ricci. Jack’s driving and excellent finishes gave Jags a 7-0 lead. Beacon finally started to get into the game through them scoring mid range shots, and through offence rebounding due to Jags poor boxing out. It seemed as though Beacon were away to gain control of the game, but 3 three’s in a row for Jags from Jack, Shaun, and then Fergus, saw Jags regain control of the game as they won the quarter 24-10.

As Jags rotated, Beacons height advantage saw Jags struggle with rebounding on defence. Beacon got lots of second chance possessions which led to many second chance points, as Jags started to get very frustrated on court. Despite what seemed a absolutely disastrous quarter, Jags were kept in the game with 6 points from Fergus, which was Jags only 6 points of the quarter. Jags went into half time down 32-30.

After half time, Jags finally were the ones who dominated rebounds, as Craig and Shaun gathered up rebounds on both ends. The trio of Fergus, Shaun, and Craig, protected the paint with block after block as all 3 of them started to gather up blocks, including an emphatic block from Craig on the Beacon point guard. An even quarter saw the lead change hands numerous times with the lead staying a 1 point lead either way. With around a minute left, 3 quick succession Beacon put backs saw them up 46-40, but with seconds left, a Kieran Milne jump shot saw Jags cut the lead back down to 4.

The fourth stayed with a 1 point lead either way, as again the lead changed hands time after time. Shaun put on an offensive masterclass scoring all types of baskets from deep contested three’s, driving through the Beacon zone, and through fade away post moves in the low block. Beacon opened up a 7 point lead through post moves of their own. With around 1 and a half minutes left, Shaun saved his best for last with a deep three point play in which he was also fouled. Under pressure, Shaun converted his free throw, cutting Beacons lead down to 3. Jags got a stop on the defensive end, and with 40 seconds to go, Fergus saved his best for last too as he swished a deep three over his defender. With the game tied 63-63, Beacon ran the clock down and Jags switched off given Beacon an easy finish under the basket. With 20 seconds left and with the last possession of the game, Jags looked for the crucial basket to take the game to overtime. Jack and Kieran failed to get open due to great Beacon defence. With 8 seconds left, Shaun took his defender in to the low block, and with 3 seconds now left, he looked for that all important shot. Beacon triple teamed him but despite this Shaun got a near impossible shot off but it hit the rim and came back out. A tough game to lose in harshest of ways.


Jags Top Scorers:

Shaun Heer – 25

Jack Ricci – 17

Fergus Cran – 16

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